8 Responses to Country Fair hippies crush Olympic Trials jocks

  1. Chris Butler says:

    Try replacing the word Eugene with track and re-post the results.

  2. daffy duck says:

    de gustibus non est disputandem, if my poor Latin serves me correctly.

  3. The assertive (aka bitch) prof says:

    Steve P,
    Be careful judging events from google photos. The fair is so much more then painted boobs… If that is all you see then you missed 99.98% of the fair.

    And yes, it IS way more fun then the Olympic trials.

  4. Concerned PI says:

    These events are such an interesting contrast, and both are great! Both have enthusiastic attendance of 15-20K people per day and both feed the local economies, top to bottom. Mainly, both highlight terrific talent. I suppose an economist could enjoy messing around with contrasting distribution of income and governing structures, but seems like a unique win-win for the Eugene area to have both events.

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