President Schill to demote Deady to adjunct, require renaming every 3 years

That’s the rumor down at the Faculty Club tonight. The logic is that we’ve all learned a lot about Oregon’s racist history from the public debates and discussion over the Deady Hall denaming, and we want to make sure that no new class of freshman, or new faculty, ever forget. So Deady’s tenure is revoked, and he’ll be reevaluated every three years according to the rules in the faculty union CBA. Dunn, on the other hand, will be terminated for cause.

Ok, I’m totally making this up. The truth is the faculty are talking about nothing but the fabulous new Mariota Sports Performance Center and the exciting upcoming Duck football season, starting this weekend, three weeks before the students even show up, with a body-bag game against UC-Davis. Rob Mullens is The UO Budget is paying the UC-Davis players the UC-Davis coaches $500K or so for expected damages. Plenty of tickets still for sale on stubhub, starting at $22.

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One Response to President Schill to demote Deady to adjunct, require renaming every 3 years

  1. Trond Jacobsen says:

    Every building name should have like a 100-yr run and then face a required renaming. That way we perhaps can raise more overall (reselling naming rights), plus naturalize the process of renaming to capture the benefit of the dialogue and discussion about who to name a building after every few years as another turns 100, plus make sure no one person is so high and mighty that a building is named for them in perpetuity, whether or not they are found to have said and done evil things. It can’t and shouldn’t occur too frequently or capriciously, but a 100-year run is pretty good, no?

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