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Provost Search Committee named

Recent Provosts:

John Moseley
Linda Brady
Jim Bean (Interim)
Lorraine Davis (Interim)
Scott Coltrane
Frances Bronet (Interim)
Scott Coltrane (Interim)

Search Committee announcement:

Provost and Senior Vice President Search

The University of Oregon is embarking on a crucial leadership recruitment effort: the selection of a new Provost and Senior Vice President. As the chief academic officer of the institution, the new provost will lead the academic units, work with deans and department heads to shape our academic programs, and lead our efforts to retain and attract world-class faculty.

On August 19, 2016, President Schill named the following members of the Provost Search Committee:

  • Geraldine Richmond, search committee chair – Presidential Chair in Science and professor of chemistry
  • Yvette Alex–Assensoh – vice president for equity and inclusion
  • Bettina Cornwell – professor of marketing
  • Erica Daley – associate dean of finance and operations, School of Law
  • Andrew Dunn – undergraduate, ASUO external director of staff
  • Karen Guillemin – professor of biology
  • Dean Livelybrooks – senior instructor of physics
  • W. Andrew Marcus – dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Gabriela Martinez – associate professor of journalism and communications
  • Laura Lee McIntyre – professor of school psychology
  • Jamie Moffitt – vice president for finance and administration
  • Aaron Montoya – web communications specialist, College of Education
  • Paul Peppis – professor of English
  • Chris Sinclair – associate professor of mathematics
  • Eleanor Wakefield – graduate teaching fellow, English
  • Frances White – professor of anthropology
  • Keli Yerian – senior lecturer of linguistics


  1. Dog 08/22/2016

    Bring back JTM !

    • honest Uncle Bernie 08/22/2016

      He may well be appreciated more now than when he was here.

      I doubt that he would be interested. I hope he has more sense than that!

      • Dog 08/22/2016

        well he is older than Coltrane …

      • daffy duck 08/22/2016

        jTM for financial savvy and organization, but NKW for ethics

        • Dog 08/22/2016

          I actually teach a seminar about ethics, since I am qualified because dogs know shit (DKS).

          One of the principles of ethics is uniform and fair treatment (i.e. don’t play favorites). When was the last UO admin able to pass that litmus test?

  2. anonymous 08/26/2016

    I see they have zero classified staff on that committee. No big surprise there.

    • Just Words 08/26/2016

      Actually, they do. Whining is exhausting. Whining over inaccurate statements is even worse.

    • Double A Ron 08/26/2016

      is the staff person on this search, but you would have been correct for any of the last 10 major searches on campus.

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