CAS leadership breaks “Around the 0” monopoly with rogue blog

Good idea – but a blog without comments? Chickens:

From: CAS Dean <>
Subject: [Cas-allemps] Announcing a new internal communication vehicle, Thinking About CAS
Date: October 6, 2016 at 8:03:00 AM PDT
To: “‘'” <>

In the spirit of open communication and fostering a lively exchange of ideas, the CAS Dean’s Office is launching a blog aimed at the interests of CAS faculty and staff. Called Thinking About CASit will provide timely information about the state of the college and share our ongoing thoughts about the college’s operations, goals and future. All CAS deans—Karen Ford, Hal Sadofsky, Carol Stabile, Ian McNeely, Miriam Bolton, Sherri Nelson and I—will be contributing, as well as occasional guest authors. 

Read the inaugural blog post, which describes our purpose and goals

We invite your feedback via a Suggestion Box and/or direct communication with any of the CAS deans.

Best wishes for fall term!

W. Andrew Marcus

A suggestion box that only the bosses can read. Like a 1950’s GM factory. Not very open or lively. Try the new Senate blog instead.

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4 Responses to CAS leadership breaks “Around the 0” monopoly with rogue blog

  1. Dog says:

    Indeed, no Dogs allowed there for sure …

  2. Moonman says:

    Wonderful development. Maybe Bill can do a guest blog.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Word is that there is some agitation to separate the natural sciences from CAS,anyone know where this is coming from?

    • Dog says:

      Oh this has been under discussion for some time with a lot of strong proponents. Patrick Phillips, an occasional non-anonymous commentator here has always
      strongly endorsed this idea and knows more about its
      evolution. I would say there was a semi-serious discussion of this 2-3 years ago.

      I myself am not a proponent of this – I would like to
      see a better integration between NS and other disciplines – of course I am also the one that wants to see departments go away.

      All of this will happen but long after I am (shortly) gone.

      Perhaps this separation should be discussed on the new CAS blog – oh wait, discussions aren’t allowed …

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