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Lorry Lokey comes through for the Knight Law School, honoring Frohnmayer

More good news on fundraising from Around the O:

His many admirers considered Dave Frohnmayer the “leader’s leader,” and now his legacy will live on permanently at the University of Oregon School of Law through the new Dave Frohnmayer Chair in Leadership and Law, made possible by a lead gift from Lorry I. Lokey.

Lokey’s leadership gift has inspired other donors to join, and with more than $3.3 million so far, the new endowment is well on its way to supporting faculty excellence and providing leadership programming for students.

Just the latest of Lokey’s many gifts to UO’s academic side, all of which he’s asked be named in honor of others.


  1. Not a scientist or a faculty member 11/21/2016

    He has given away so much money that I’m surprised he isn’t broke

    • honest Uncle Bernie 11/22/2016

      He has said that he “wants to die broke.”

  2. Oryx 11/22/2016

    Lorry Lokey is really, consistently, great.

  3. daffy Duck 11/22/2016

    A vice president at Bloomberg back in the old telex days, Lokey overheard a conversation of plans to replace him, so he quit to start his own business news firm. A billion dollars later, he remembered his home state of oregon, after giving millions away from to Stanford first. Wonderfully generous person.

  4. Old Grey Mare 11/22/2016

    A wonderful man. He refers to his donations in support of research as investing in the future.

  5. Hippo 11/22/2016

    I am very appreciative of all the Lokeys have done for U of O, but giving money to the law school is throwing good money after bad. Really, given our era of austerity, we should be closing it down and investing in areas of competence.

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