5 Responses to UO Matters ends year with 3x more google searches than Around the O

  1. Ben says:

    The closer the hit results, the lower the controversy needing exposure? Must be heartening to have fewer scandals driving hits.

  2. Focused anger cuts says:

    This is easy to explain.

    Around the O is agitprop and everyone knows it. Some good people and good stories of course but any source that is essentially feel-good propaganda is neither interesting nor particulary educational.

    I rarely read anything in it because the story is always the same: The UO is awesome!

    • Oryx says:

      I think Around the O has gotten much better in the past year. It is only “good” news? Of course. But it does have genuinely interesting stories, often about things on campus that aren’t well known.

  3. Simplius Simplicissimus says:

    I don’t think the data is reliable. For example, I have UOM bookmarked (but not around the 0). I go to the bookmark more often than googeling around the (it’s not bookmarked, because I get it in the mail; note to self: can I unsubscribe or will I be Free Speeched for that?). More reliable data might be the number of hits by site and by topic?

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