Pres Schill has “great confidence” in Willie Taggart & Rob Mullens

Update: Coaches let coaches get blotto and drive drunk, and our athletic director is cool with that. Austin Meek has the news in the RG.

From Andrew Theen in the Oregonian:

The school president, who has said previously that he hadn’t set foot on a football field until arriving in Eugene, said he has great confidence in Athletic Director Rob Mullens as well.

They do seem to be sucking up a lot of his time though. Ryan Thorburn in the RG has one of the more positive assessments:

“Even if you sugarcoat it, it’s still a disaster,” Paul Finebaum, who hosts a college football-centric national radio show, said on ESPN. “I have a hard time imaging a program getting off to a worse start.”

Other sports reporters are trickling out more details on the troubled histories of Taggart’s new assistant coaches. Paying female students to escort potential football recruits? Did no one do due diligence?

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One Response to Pres Schill has “great confidence” in Willie Taggart & Rob Mullens

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    And we, and I’m sure, the BOT all have great confidence in Pres Schill. Things are going great!

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