University hires Mike Glazier to clean-up latest jock tutoring scandal

Mike “The Cleaner” Glazier is the lawyer that UO’s Rob Mullens and Randy Geller hired to deal with the Chip Kelly/Willie Lyles recruiting scandal. The academic side got stuck with half his legal bills, Bob Berdahl used the fact that Nathan Tublitz and the Senate IAC tried to find out what was going on and who was paying Glazier as an excuse to try and shut down the IAC, and in the end Chip Kelly skipped town without even paying UO his $20K fine – or that’s what UO pro-tem journalism prof Paul Swangard tweeted at the time:

But this latest scandal is about the University of Missouri, here:

The University of Missouri has retained the services of prominent college sports attorney Mike Glazier to assist with its ongoing investigation into allegations of academic fraud brought by a former tutor in the Total Person Program.

Glazier — a managing member of the Overland Park-based law firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King — is “the founder and chair of the firm’s college sports practice,” according to his bio on the firm’s website.

He is leading Mizzou’s joint investigation with the NCAA into former tutor Yolanda Kumar’s allegations that she performed or assisted with coursework for 15 student-athletes during a 16-month period, according to a Nov. 21 letter from interim MU Chancellor Hank Foley to Glazier obtained by the Columbia Daily Tribune.

The whistleblowing tutor now can’t get work in sports-obsessed Columbia, so she wants the university to waive her $3K in overdue tuition and issue her a transcript so she can apply to grad school. Glazier won’t pay, so she’s promising to turn her documentation on the cheating over to the first reporter who will. Lucky for Chip he didn’t need anything from UO to get a new job.

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