$600K a year and Rob Mullens can’t even give UO a clean volleyball program?

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Perhaps he’s spending his time on Duck sports that pay him a bonus for “competing at the highest level of excellence.” Reporter Kenny Jacoby has the latest Duck athletic scandal in the Emerald, here:

Read the story for the really disturbing quotes, and a link to the courageous letter from UO’s former student-athletes. Here’s a snippet:

… [Former volleyball players] Crittenden and Kevorken said both talked to an athletic department official about their concerns in 2015 but Moore and Metro continued to coach.

… Crittenden said the purpose of her letter is not to “bash coaches,” but to tell the story she had previously kept quiet and encourage others to do the same. She said it’s time for athletic departments to stop being negligent when athletes come forward to them.

“I want other athletes who may be suffering in silence to know that their feelings are valid, their words are valid, and their stories matter,” she wrote.

Haylee Roberts, Canace Finley, Chloe Buckendahl and Maddie Magee were the other four players whose names and signatures appeared at the bottom of the letter to Schill and Mullens.

“We can rest easier knowing that the former coaches are no longer in a position to negatively impact young athletes and we no longer feel ashamed to identify ourselves as former Oregon Ducks,” they wrote.

This story came out just 30 minutes after the year’s second meeting of the President’s Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee. Athletics Director Rob Mullens and President Mike Schill sat across from each other. Faculty Athletics Representative Tim Gleason was missing. IAAC Chair Andy Karduna was there along with 2 of the IAAC’s 8 faculty members. There was an hour long, rambling discussion of what to do about athletes who had to miss classes to travel to away games to earn money for the athletic department. Someone was supposed to have brought data on how many classes athletes miss, but they didn’t. No one asked anything about this, or any of the other recent Duck athletic scandals.

Meanwhile, Mullens’ volleyball coaches are still receiving public funds:

According to public records obtained by the Emerald, Moore and Metro will be paid according to their respective salaries through their resignation dates: May 15, 2017, and January 31, 2018, respectively.

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7 Responses to $600K a year and Rob Mullens can’t even give UO a clean volleyball program?

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    What, me worry?

  2. Just wondering says:

    Good as always to post about athletics, though I do find the article bad for having no evidence whatsoever about the 17 who supported the coaches. More importantly, Bill, what has happened to UO matters? There is now a tiny committee to determine all new faculty searches, ripping faculty governance and departmental autonomy away from the UO. No comment here. There are rumors of Johnson Hall firing lots of folks, esp those who are faculty. No comment here. There is the massive budget cuts coming and huge tuition increase. Only posting Schill’s words on this site without your usual diligent investigation. Has something happened to your critical and valuable perspectives of the past that would have been vocal about this centralization of power among admin at the expense of faculty? Or am I totally missing something and misinformed?

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      In many ways, Schill is turning out to be not so great news. The complete botch of case of the law school blackface professor, with attendant very negative national publicity for UO. (Would you want any of this gang, including Schill, to be your lawyer?) The very steep 10+% tuition increase, especially by comparison with OSU, which somehow is managing to get by with 4%. The very iffy impact of the new Knight campus on the rest of UO. The centralized faculty hiring, including the problematic clusterfuck program (it started under Coltrane, but continues to have support from Schill). The list goes on. He has also done some good things. But a very mixed bag it is.

      • dog says:

        okay instead of all this qualitative innuendo
        why don’t your provide a scorecard of good vs bad for Schill


        Improved Faculty Morale (Good or Bad)
        Improved Faculty Salaries “”
        Improved Handling of Athletics
        Better able to deal with crises (like blackface)
        Housecleaning to date
        Managing the relationship between UO and the State
        Managing the relationship between UO and donors
        Managing the relationship with the BOT
        Better Academic Programs
        Smaller Class Sizes
        More diversified majors
        Better Attention to Graduate School Enrollment
        Believing that the Knight Campus will solve all …

        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          dog, I think you have made a project for yourself!

          • Dog says:

            shit that ain’t no project
            it simple – cut and paste and add a couple of words

            Improved Faculty Morale (Good or Bad) Neutral
            Improved Faculty Salaries “” Neutral
            Improved Handling of Athletics No Change
            Better able to deal with crises (like blackface) abysmal
            Housecleaning to date More positive than people know
            Managing the relationship between UO and the State Neutral
            Managing the relationship between UO and donors Good
            Managing the relationship with the BOT Probably Good
            Better Academic Programs Fuck NO
            Smaller Class Sizes ” “
            More diversified majors ” “
            Better Attention to Graduate School Enrollment ” ”
            Believing that the Knight Campus will solve all … Oh yes, absolutely

  3. Plain Interested says:

    OregonLive.com: Former Oregon Ducks volleyball players describe mistreatment under former coaches

    This isn’t the best link in the world, but the link in the article to the player’s personal open letters as to what they had to endure is pretty damning to UO. You read it and shoot, you just want to cry. If I was their parent, I would sue the UO. The Metro should be fired now for cause now.