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University to drop money sucking baseball program and three other sports

InsideHigherEd has the story on SUNY-Buffalo here. At UO, Duck baseball sells about $300K in tickets, and sucks about $5M a year out of our budget for expenses and allocated administrative costs – enough to buy a healthy chunk of academic excellence:



  1. Moonman 04/04/2017

    I’m no accountant, but at least the sports machine appears to be firmly in the black. That surplus goes to pay for useless humanities courses, right?

    • UO Matters Post author | 04/04/2017

      Congratulations, you’ve won the UO Matters “Troll of the Week” award. I’ve stashed your swag under the Frohnmayer/Autzen bike bridge.

  2. Anonymous 04/06/2017

    Is the Jock Box facility maintenance, staffing, equipment, labs, and all the rest of the Jock Box associated expenses included in the expenses somewhere? Since the JB is some for the benefit of student athletes, it should be.

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