Duck athletic cartel & Roedl shake down UO students for another 40 large

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Kenny Jacoby has the story in the Daily Emerald, here:

This year, athletics requested another 4-percent increase, even though prices for regular season-ticket holders are decreasing.

“Really the reason behind the 4-percent ask is that we’ve been frozen for so long and we’re trying to just catch up a little bit with the [incidental fee],” [the very well paid AAD Eric Roedl] said.

Dunn said each year Roedl and other athletic department officials “come to the table very frustrated that the conversation is the same.” Students want to pay less, but athletic department officials wants them to pay more, so the end result remains unchanged.

“They don’t think about how any sort of change in these fees or tuition will actually impact the students here on our campus,” Dunn said. “Asking students to pay more for their student athletic tickets in a year where tuition is supposed to go up almost 11 percent is a little ridiculous.”

In the end ASUO gave them only $10K, so now Roedl is threatening to take away the students tickets – or go directly to the TFAB, for a new student fee devoted solely to the athletic department.

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6 Responses to Duck athletic cartel & Roedl shake down UO students for another 40 large

  1. Payroll Guy says:

    They are just following the Business model that is sucking the life blood from the economy. For another great example of this model at work, just look to the administration and their compounding salaries. While undercutting and blaming the pillars that have created a reason for their job in the first place.

  2. Sports Fan says:

    Rob Mullens and co. need a new playbook beyond “squeeze the most profit possible out of the most passionate constituents.” It destroyed the football season ticket base, which clearly has not recovered.

  3. environmental necessity says:

    Why isn’t the AD required to reserve a section for students on account of their association with, well, this university? Who the F cares if Roedl et al whine?

    Given the importance of students in generating enthusiasm and ESPN coverage, at least for some sports, why would the AD want to exclude students? You think GameDay sets up shop outside Lillis if students can’t go to games (and most can’t buy tickets at market rates, except for last year)? Please.

    The idea the “profitable” AD can shakedown students in this way is disgusting. Especially since so many students do not care about athletics or do not care about the sports at issue in this shakedown. I say this as one who loves Oregon athletics and has my entire life.

    Make the AD live within the revenue they generate from tickets, donations, and licensing. And for the right to exist they should be required by the leaders of the university to provide X% of tickets to students for football and basketball, without taking money from the Women’s Center, the chess club, and other student groups.

    That this is at all an issue is really disheartening.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    A solution: don’t go to the games. Better yet, a public student boycott of the Ducks. Think of the great national publicity for UO academics!

    Then: a student “tuition boycott.” Not for real – I still wanna get paid — just a national protest against both excessive bureaucracy AND slacker faculty.

    It would make for boffo box office!

    Much better than all that bullshit about that dumb law professor and all her idiot colleagues.

    • UO Matters says:

      Professor calls for a “a public student boycott of the Ducks”

      Bernie, I’m torn on this. On the one hand, why didn’t you run for Senate president? On the other hand, have you not read Gibbon?

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        My nephews tell me I’m no historian. I have to admit I last read Gibbon many years ago. Please explain what you have in mind with that allusion.

        Senate president? My nephews tell me I am no politician, just a blog commentator, at best. Spotlight averse! And taking on the Ducks. Look what happened to that econ guy at UO. They see he was somehow turned into the Manchurian professor –sorry if that is politically incorrect, one of my favorite students way back when was Manchurian — then they got him to run for Senate president. Twice!

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