UO communications issues RFP for excellent “Brand Awareness Study”

At first I read that as “Brain Awareness Study”, but no such luck. VP of Communication Kyle Henley is going  to commission a phone survey of 1900 random people and ask them if they think UO is excellent:

Full RFP/RFQ on the PCS website here. Apparently this is follow-up on a previous study which presumably was collected as part of the 160over90 branding fiasco which Mr. Henley and Diane Dietz killed, back in their younger days. I’d make a public records request for that, but what possible benefit would come to anyone from reading it?

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2 Responses to UO communications issues RFP for excellent “Brand Awareness Study”

  1. dog says:

    why don’t they just do exit interviews with graduating seniors
    as start of a longitudinal study, which of course, already should be done by now.

    Of course the UO is excellent, how could it not be?

  2. Thomas Hager says:

    Could be a useful exercise. Or could be a way to gather data to back up the perception of a “problem” — i.e. not enough people think we’re excellent — as a prelude to an ask for big money for some sort of useless national outreach/marketing/ad campaign. Adminstrators love this kind of stuff. Another million or two down the drain . . . ?