What are UO’s future budget priorities and how are they changing?

The only information the administration gives to the UO Board of Trustees, here, is rudimentary data on past expenditures with no long term year-over-year comparisons. Apparently the board does not see any budget priorities plan for the future, just projections for spending for the upcoming FY.

UO’s VP for Finance and Administration’s financial reports webpage points you to the Budget and Resource Planning webpage:

Budget and Resource Planning: Some of our most sought-after financial reports (e.g., budget and expenditure reports by fiscal year) can be found on the budget and resource planning website. If you are interested in obtaining Resource Planning Software to assist you with your planning, you can visit companies like Mavenlink to learn more. If you are looking for an alternative software for Resource Planning, you can check out this comparison of CMMS vs ERP to see which would benefit your business planning needs.

Which sounds promising. However that page does not point to any plan for our future budget or for expenditure prioritization. One link does take you to detailed spreadsheets on this year’s expenditures. That hasn’t been updated since November:

The most useful info is the detailed reports showing trends in past expenditures over time by unit here – but that ends with the 2014-15 FY that closed in June 2015.

And finally there’s this link, which takes you here, or should I say nowhere:

There is an “2017-18 Institutional Hiring Plan” on the Provost’s webpage here, but it’s just for TTF faculty. Nothing on where our ever-increasing administrative expenditures will go. If there’s anything solid on the new-new budget model I can’t find it – post a comment if you can find it somewhere.

In response to a public records request from the Emerald, the provost’s office did eventually release the proposals departments submitted, and I’ve posted them here.

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One Response to What are UO’s future budget priorities and how are they changing?

  1. opportunity says:

    Sounds like an opportunity for UOM to me. Scrape the data from those PDFs into a panel or pay a technically-inclined student to do it. Post the panel as an excel sheet. Throw together or crowdsource an official UO Matters Year-over-Year budgetary report highlighting important trends .