7 Responses to A Thanksgiving prayer for our country

  1. mindless husk says:

    And we wonder why academia is falling into disrepute.

    William S Burroughs. A junkie loser. A poor excuse for just about everything.

    • Eugenenative says:

      Agreed pretty much. A contrarian, rich boy wastrel. And a murderer on top of it.

      But a great “performer”.

      • mindless husk says:

        Yes, shooting his wife in the head and lying his way out of it was a great piece of performance art.

    • Dog says:

      Its a poem, its art, you might hate it and then proceed to
      instantaneous character assassination (which by the way is
      what I think the poem is about) but its a statement and
      its a thoughtful protest – something that is now vritually

      Thanks to UOmatters for this find.

    • Eugenenative says:

      RIP Joan Vollmer 1923-1951.

  2. HonestNauman says:

    A prolific, nonconventional and courageous artist who influenced countless other great American writers, musicians and visual artists and didn’t shy away from his personal foibles nor indulge the “sh!ts” of this world. Burroughs was a “johnson.” You mindless husk are a…, well I think you already know.

  3. Oldtimer says:

    I’d take Langston Hughes a thanksgiving time along with I’m an American, too any day over nihilistic cynicism.