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“I’m calling from Google to tell you that your computer has been hacked”

We’ve been getting a lot of these call this week. Usually I just hang up, but this time I thought I’d see if I could get them to stop calling:

Me: “You’re calling from Google?”

Him: “Yes. Our logs show that your computer has been hacked from a foreign country.”

Me: “That sounds very serious.”

Him: “Indeed. I will walk you through the steps to download a program that will secure it.”

Me: “OK, but first, can you tell me what IP address my computer is using?”

Him: Click. Tial tone.

No calls since. So if these scammers are hassling you too, try asking the same question. You don’t need to know what your IP address is, or even what an IP address is – they’ll move on to easier prey.

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  1. Conservative Duck 12/27/2017

    Build that fire-wall!

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