Dana Altman’s June 2017 contract change raised buyout cost by $5.15M

One of the problems with strong incentives, such as the $425K bonus Duck AD Rob Mullens promised to Dana Altman to top off his $2.5M salary if his unpaid student-athletes win the NCAA tournament, is that you discentivise other things you might care about. Such as not dragging UO’s name through the muck.

But this post isn’t about whether or not Altman knew of his players’ alleged rapes. Of course he did.

This is about Rob Mullens throwing good money after bad. In November 2016 Mullens renewed Altman’s contract, giving him a fat raise and an extension. He also promised that UO would pay him the remainder of his salary or $9M, whichever was less:

Seven months later, after Altman learned about the Bigby-Williams allegations, but before award-winning Daily Emerald reporter Kenny Jacoby made them public, Mullens amended the deal to Altman’s benefit, by removing the $9M ceiling:

So what will it cost UO to get rid of Altman at the end of this season (year 2)?

By my math it’s now going to cost $14.15M, instead of just $9M.

Contract and amendments at https://uomatters.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Altman-Dana-2016-23-amended.pdf

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