11 Responses to UO Architecture Department faculty votes to leave CoD

  1. arch departure says:

    I didn’t realize it was up to them. Is it?

  2. Dog says:

    The decision is not theirs to make. But they can vote in favor
    of that outcome and thing bring that outcome farther up the
    administrative ladder – where it is not likely to be granted.

  3. Big Bad Duck says:

    They are at the forefront in identifying the cracks in the edifice of our duckdom… between the “design” chill-out lounge sports bar college offering a corporate packaging of a consumer degree increasingly more costly and which really stands for granite counter dorms and shithole professor offices and substandard research funding, online teaching, more massive classes plus guaranteed top grades; versus the hardcore scholars who still give a damn about serious academic standards, are top of their game and their fields, and can no longer take the bullshit stemming out of the brain of an obscure mathematician who keeps revamping a failed budget model for whose sheer failure he should have already stepped down years ago and abandoned his 6-figure sine cure together with other corporate sharks elsewhere who dream with turning former colleagues into Burger King professors and other serious colleges into “professional” outlets…

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a lot of words I don’t understand, can you say that again but this time in metrics?

  4. Dog says:

    Dog (sometimes a Judge in the Faulkner Contest)

    attempted translation of Big Bad Duck into metrics (and excellence):

    They are number 1 in the metrics of academic criticism, a lofty position equipped with the sledgehammer of justice to pound on the cracks of the DuckDom scaffolding, that proudly promotes our designer lounge sports bar as excellence in academics while retaining our metric standards of cost-effectiveness in degrees given (i,e. insufficient faculty hires) and through splendidness in our various marketing program that transform shithole faculty offices into granite monuments of greatness and excellence while simultaneously promoting research to maintain our metrics as we do have 100 excellent scholars which, by their very nature are most effective in online teaching and massive classes taught with aplomb and such clarity that all students are able to get top grades because of our metric based standards for academic success, while simultaneously entertaining the whims of those few hold outs that live in the top of their respective ivory towers having escaped the top because the lower floors flow extensively with the never ending barrage of budget and resource bullshit stemming directly from the Dept. of Obscure Mathematics (the Dom in DuckDom), that seemingly delights in endless revision of a failed budget policy that revises whenever the sine-wave based metrics call for a revision after each monthly meeting at the local Burger King where the corporate sharks dine in festive moods of metric discussions and revisions – long live the Metric, long live the King of Metrics.

    —meanwhile, back to my regular day job – midterms to grade

    • Big Bad Duck says:

      Thanks Dog, I couldn’t have barked it better myself! I only quack after all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That department is well known as a nest of crazies, egomaniacs & spoiled brats. It’s hardly surprising that some of them should dream up an outlandish scheme like this, and it is certain that they will fail in attaining their goal.

    • Peter Keyes says:

      Hey Anonymous, bite me. (Does that count as my one allotted profanity?)

      • Anonymous says:

        On the contrary, Mr. Keyes, *you* can bite *me.*
        Let’s review the facts, to the extent that we have them so far:
        1. A minority department doesn’t like the way things are going for them in their school.
        2. Some of them, mostly the hidebound older ones, vote to throw a big tantrum, take their bat & ball and say “boo hoo, we’re leaving!”
        3. When called “crazy” and “spoiled” in a comment thread, their representative says “hey bite me,” a statement that in this context might just be interpreted as a crazy and spoiled response.
        The proof is in the pudding :)

        • Peter Keyes says:

          You are obviously a Russian troll.

          • Big Bad Duck says:

            As Principal Wordsmith in this Duckdom I declare Anonymous as digitally culpable of provoking the ire of Prof. Keyes who was in a biting mode, Anonymous should be subjected to ten lashes of the Father Pioneer’s articulated right arm and eight credits of Russian as well as twelve of ethics for believing so firmly in the granite countertop-sexy sports lounge-design degree college fad that our army of excellences excremences have cobbled together to glue to their honeyed screens an inordinate amount of Californian and Asian rich bachelors and bachelorettes while charging them an arm and a leg. Anonymous thine identity has been revealed, you are a troll though Trumpian rather than Russian and we cast you to live under the DeFazzio bridge for eternity where you will charge bitcoinage to passersby who traverse the township on their way between transexcellent success Knight Campus or the former public-university-that-was and our bright transformative global experience football stadium on the other side of campus – our only world to know and learn from. In the meantime and while the new campus to rule them all is being erected you will make sure the large pipe under tykeson Hall is well oiled to make all money transfers between the College of Ass, formerly know as CAS, happen on a daily basis at the close of business, including bodies of defunct instructors form the arts and other liberal types, whose corpses will be used for medical experimentation in the provisional labs, due to their metrical achievements being negligible and whose salaries should be reclaimed for our drone camera projects in the new fake grass fields that will adorn the gardens of the new campus. Amen.