7 Responses to Dana Altman leads his Ducks to rock bottom of graduation success metrics

  1. Dog says:

    This is great as Altman is likely to receive another hefty raised, based of course, on metrics.

  2. There is no Dog says:

    Apparently Oregon has the lowest high-school graduation rate of any state in the nation, perhaps barring DC. So maybe this is somehow part of a larger problem?

    • uomatters says:

      Please think harder before you post more comments like this.

    • an ex-fan says:

      The “larger problem” is that Oregon, and others, are running college campus versions of pre-pro basketball. Maybe we could call it the College Developmental League?

      Altman doesn’t recruit student-athletes, just athletes and especially already graduated ones with a year of eligibility left, or transfers. He likes players who are especially talented or already well developed. Fans and Athletic Dept personnel can argue it all they want but the truth is that UO Basketball has nothing to do with academics.

      Recruiting is basically non-stop, bringing in many new players each year, trying to form them into a team, and then starting over for the next season. Even though this year was a bust, he has been pretty successful overall, and he does get lucky with players like Bol Bol coming for his one-and-done next year. He may rather recruit freshmen and develop them, but then he’d likely be without a job because there would be no ‘jazz’ to fill up the palace on off years.

  3. Inquiring Minds says:

    The notes indicate that students who transfer out before graduating are excluded. So that could be a factor since it seems that many are not starting and completing at UO, but rather transferring in/out.

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