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Johnson Hall to blow $145K on another brander

Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy

Apply now(link is external)Job no: 522077
Work type: Officer of Administration
Location: Eugene, OR
Categories: Business Administration/Management, Communications/Public Relations/Marketing, Executive/Management/Director

Department: University Communications
Appointment Type and Duration: Regular, Ongoing
Salary: $140,000 – $150,000 per year
Compensation Band: OS-OA12-Fiscal Year 2017-2018
FTE: 1.0

Application Review Begins
May 3, 2018; open until filled

Special Instructions to Applicants
Please submit the following with your online application:

• A cover letter in which you clearly describe how your knowledge, skills, and abilities prepare you for the job responsibilities and requirements outlined in the job announcement. Please discuss each element completely and succinctly.

• A resume of your educational and professional work experience.

Department Summary
The department of University Communications is charged with telling the University of Oregon’s (UO) stories to a broad range of audiences and positioning the university to succeed and thrive. The department utilizes and manages a comprehensive suite of communications tools, including public relations, branding, advertising, licensing, digital media, and more for the benefit of the university.

Position Summary
Reporting to the Vice President for University Communications, the AVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy leads a team of creative professionals to advance the institution’s mission through the development and execution of exciting, innovative, and effective design concepts and campaigns that are delivered across multiple platforms. The AVP will provide direct supervision, oversight and direction to teams responsible for graphic design, video, photography, licensing, analytics and the university’s primary web presences.

The AVP works closely with the Vice President and other members of the University Communications leadership team to create a progressive, unified, metrics-driven organization dedicated to serving the university’s interests, including those of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The AVP will demonstrate and inspire a team-building work environment, motivating staff and cultivating productive relationships across campus to innovate, collaborate, and reach and exceed stated goals.

This position plays a central role in achieving UO’s goal of ensuring effective engagement with the university’s many core constituents and helping UO retain and improve on its position as an innovative and leading American public research university.

The AVP also oversees the university’s paid advertising efforts, leading the team through concept, messaging, and development of campaigns that reinforce the UO’s goals and build brand awareness and affinity with key audiences.

Finally, the AVP collaborates with the UO’s Information Services division to ensure high availability of infrastructure supporting essential web-based communications applications and with emergency management to develop communications plans via the web.

Minimum Requirements
• A Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field.
• Ten years in the marketing and communications field, with at least five of those years managing and directing creative teams in large, complex organizations, institutions, and/or brands.

Professional Competencies
• A strong understanding of brand development and multi-channel marketing concepts.
• An in-depth understanding of strategically sound design concepts and best practices in a variety of media.
• Proven ability to develop strategic ideas and transform those ideas using conceptual writing and art direction in measurable and metrics-driven branding campaigns designed to meet established goals.
• Digital literacy, proficiency in project-management software tools, and willingness and ability to keep abreast of the latest in marketing and communications technology.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate and work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
• Demonstrated ability to manage and work effectively with a wide variety of people across multiple units and outside vendors to develop strategies to achieve goals.
• Ability to demonstrate tact and diplomacy and manage confidential or sensitive information and issues responsibly.
• Commitment to and experience with promoting and enhancing diversity and equity.

Preferred Qualifications
• Demonstrated ability to manage multi-tiered teams of 10 to 15 or more professionals.
• Demonstrated commitment to enhancing diversity through inclusive design and language.
• Experience in higher-education marketing.

FLSA Exempt: Yes


  1. Conservative Duck 04/06/2018

    $140,000 – $150,000 per year while I’m STILL making “shared sacrifices”.

  2. Dog 04/06/2018

    I nominate UO matters apply for this job as it can spin extraordinaire

  3. There is no Dog 04/06/2018

    Always keep that resume polished. If you can get more money elsewhere for an equivalent gig, do it. Quits are the one and only thing that will increase salaries.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie 04/06/2018

    I know that any school that talks like this about “branding” must likely has a pretty poor brand.

    Really, who comes up with this stuff? It takes a special talent.

  5. Clusterduck 04/12/2018


    • Anonymous 04/12/2018

      At least they require a bachelors degree. Lol.

  6. Publius 04/13/2018

    Announcements like this are as powerful an argument for the humanities as can be imagined. Who writes these things?

    One sign of bad writing is always use two words (or three or four) when one will do. This seems to be endemic to certain types of “professional” writing, but it reaches catastrophic proportions in this announcement.

    For example: candidates are asked here to describe their “knowledge, skills, and abilities”—what’s the difference between “skills” and “abilities”, and aren’t they all part of practical “knowledge”? Or: the candidate will help the university “succeed and thrive”—again, the difference? Or, the candidate will be in charge of “managing and directing”; or, the candidate must demonstrate “tact and diplomacy”; or, the candidate must “develop and transform” ideas; or, the candidate must “promote and enhance” diversity (diversity being “different cultures and backgrounds”) ; etc. etc.

    Other parts strike me as straightforward gibberish. The candidate must be skilled in “conceptual writing”—as distinct from what OTHER type of writing (“Brick! Slab!”)? The candidate will “develop strategies” to “achieve goals”—as distinct from what? from strategies that DON’’T achieve goals? (Specifically, the candidate will work to achieve “well established” goals—as distinct from what: poorly established goals, or not established at all?)

    I note that #5 on the “professional competencies” required is: ability to “communicate effectively”.

    • Dog 04/13/2018

      A style over substance response – give them a D on this paper for improper and redundant wording an likely misplaced commas

      If I were grading this “paper” it would be on this excerpt:

      The AVP works closely with the Vice President and other members of the University Communications leadership team to create a progressive, unified, metrics-driven organization dedicated to serving the university’s interests, including those of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

      My comment in red ink: What the hell does this even mean?

      • Publius 04/13/2018

        Absolutely: my favorite part of this remark–“dedicated to serving the university’s interests, including those of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.” Note, the “administration” not mentioned; I guess it’s assumed they ARE the university, the others are just “included”.

        (Glad they want to create a “unified” organization, not just one “metric” driven.)

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