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Pres Schill on 17-18 events

Emailed to campus 6/13/2018:
Dear University of Oregon community members,
As we close out the 2017-18 academic year, I offer my warm congratulations to all of our graduates. I also want to thank everyone—faculty, advisors, graduate instructors and researchers, and staff—who helped our graduates reach the finish line. I look forward to standing in Matthew Knight Arena and watching those caps fly, as the class of 2018 prepares to take flight.
Together, we accomplished quite a bit this year. We took big leaps forward in advancing our academic enterprise: we broke ground on the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact and hired a permanent executive director to lead this extraordinary effort to further the mission of science in the service of society; we invested in promising new academic programsfrom data scienceand science media to embedding education researchers in high schoolsand we continued to hire and invest in world-class scholars in fields such as obesity prevention, Black studies, anthropology, and volcanology to name a few.
It is fitting that the year was bookended at the start by the groundbreaking for Tykeson Hall and at the end by the announcement that we will hire two dozen new advisors to work in that same building when it opens in 2019 as part of our new expansion and integration of academic and career counseling. I am incredibly excited to join with the College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Studies, and Student Life in an initiative that will support student success from the moment they step foot on campus to the time students leave and beyond. There is nothing more important.
As someone who will probably go down in history as the least athletic University of Oregon president, I joined with many of you in cheering on the achievements of our scholar-athletes, both on the field and off. In particular, I was thrilled and inspired by our Pac-12 champion softball and women’s basketball teams who demonstrated the very best in intercollegiate athletics time and time again. I also enjoyed watching our students excel in activities as varied as producing art, making music, and acting.
For our university to soar we need to become more diverse and inclusive. Toward that end, over the course of the past year every school, college, and administrative unit created Diversity Action Plans in their corner of campus. We opened a new Native American academic residential community, announced that we would build a Black Cultural Center, and redoubled efforts to recruit and support underrepresented students, all of which was on display during last week’s Showcase Oregon.
Like most universities across the United States, we experienced tension between the rights and values of free expression and the need to create a safe and inclusive environment on an increasingly diverse campus. With few exceptions, these tensions were resolved in a way that should make us proud. We also held robust discussions from a variety of perspectives and disciplines during our Freedom of Expression Event series that explored our differences and commonalities.
As I wrap up my third year as president, I have been reflecting on what I’ve learned about our students and this paragraph is specifically addressed to them. You are impressive, brilliant, passionate, and entrepreneurial. While the vast majority of you love being part of our UO community, some of you feel marginalized and unsafe on our campus. Some of you do not feel heard or supported, or fear speaking up for what you need or believe. I am reminded that we, as an institution, and I, personally, need to listen more, engage with you in a more supportive way, and strive to better understand all perspectives and needs. This will be a priority for me and everyone on our campus going forward.
I want all of you—every student and every member of our campus community—to benefit from the amazing wave of success our university is riding. We have some of the greatest minds solving big problems—from protecting our earth and making our bodies work better to creating new products and advocating for justice. We are making a difference, making the world more beautiful and interesting, and preparing a generation of leaders. We are, in short, part of something really special here at the University of Oregon. I am proud to be your president.
Thank you for a wonderful academic year. Enjoy the summer.
Michael H. Schill
President and Professor of Law


  1. Leporillo 06/13/2018

    Forgot all about Hayward Field….must have slipped his mind.

  2. justsayuotoducks 06/13/2018

    Do long-timers really feel like he’s not doing a reasonable job? Seems to me that he has two real priorities: keep Uncle Phil’s checks coming, and keep us from looking awful in the news (cf. Evergreen). At least on those two, I’d give him a pass for this year.

    And regarding Hayward Field, I don’t know the history, but I’m pretty sure the trustees would fire his ass if he turned down a deca-million dollar check. (Hell, I’d fire him myself.) The athletic stuff is kind of an eyesore, but the $500M for science/etc is pretty spectacular, and the leftovers will slosh around the entire university.

    Beyond that, he mentioned diversity some, but I didn’t spot anything about gender. From a marketing perspective, I’d be looking at ways to get evener guy/gal split. Call me old-fashioned. Which I am. But even if you flunk out, a spouse makes a great consolation prize.

    • uomatters Post author | 06/13/2018

      Congratulations for the most romantic comment of the month.

      • justsayuotoducks 06/25/2018

        Might be a bit of a stretch, but this conceivably relevant article is the most interesting thing I’ve read this month:

        TLDR: Mongolia has been greatly investing in women’s education (and rightly so), but men not so much. Now women can’t find husbands, and men are turning to alcohol.

        One of the surprises of growing old was discovering that all of those old-fashioned, quaint people that came before us were often doing those things for a reason.

  3. Anonymousbecauseihavetobe 06/13/2018

    Blah blah blah, zzzzz, blah blah blah.

    Meanwhile, the corporate university continues to suck $ from the students, build outrageous, seriously ugly, community abusive and economically foolish grandstands and phallic idols, while the administration feathers their nests and any real or possible movement to supporting a diverse, racism free, sexual harassment free, and inclusive environment is solidly squished. (We’ll miss you Tracey).

    • uomatters Post author | 06/13/2018

      Blah blah blah, zzzzz, blah blah blah

      • Anonymousbecauseihavetobe 06/14/2018

        uomatters – are you repeating me in agreement or mocking?

  4. Dog 06/14/2018

    How did you know?

    that was the exact answer to my first question on my final exam:

    What international economic policy is best capable of promoting climate change adaptation?

    You get an A …

    • uomatters Post author | 06/14/2018

      It’s all in the notation.

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