6 Responses to Giant tower can’t protect aging wizard from revenge of angry trees

  1. barbie123 says:

    That’s right: Treebeard was really pissed about the tower Sauromon built. . .

  2. Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow says:

    Hobbits on that good-good southfarling leaf are too busy hustling tips to pay off student loans to care.

  3. William says:

    For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
    And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
    How some have been deposed; some slain in war,
    Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed;
    Some poison’d by their wives: some sleeping kill’d;
    All murder’d: for within the hollow crown
    That rounds the mortal temples of a king
    Keeps Death his court and there the antic sits,
    Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp,
    Allowing him a breath, a little scene,
    To monarchize, be fear’d and kill with looks,
    Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
    As if this flesh which walls about our life,
    Were brass impregnable, and humour’d thus
    Comes at the last and with a little pin
    Bores through his castle wall, and farewell king!
    (Richard II, 3.2.1565-1580)