4 Responses to UO students just not that into Duck football

  1. Math Genius says:

    Students are paying three times for duck games! With their tuition, with the ASUO’s 1.7 M, and at the ticket booth.

    Triple Dipping!

    • Deplorable Duck says:

      If I was a student, I’d be less bothered about the ticket fees, which I could choose not to pay, than about the ASUO tax, not a dollar of which goes to pay my professors or otherwise support my education.

  2. Conservative duck says:

    honest Uncle Bernie you free market loon, you!

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Well, if the ASUO doesn’t think it’s worth the $1.7M, maybe they should turn down the deal next time it’s offered. Maybe no student tickets. Or, better prices at least. Really! It’s been a long time since the Ducks were anything but a big business. Let the student customers have their say.

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