UO to replace chief spokesperson Tobin Klinger

He’s out. He was given a difficult task with many difficult masters. I will delete any further comments about Mr. Klinger as moot.

That said I am happy to post comments on who might replace him, how the search should be conducted, and advice to the next UO spokesperson on how she or he might attempt to build some credibility for VP Kyle Henley’s office of communications, and for UO.

One obvious suggestion is to start by fixing General Counsel Kevin Reed’s broken UO Public Records Office.

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One Response to UO to replace chief spokesperson Tobin Klinger

  1. uotechmatters says:

    Daily emerald article https://www.dailyemerald.com/news/uo-removes-tobin-klinger-from-spokesman-position/article_70deb716-e469-11e8-ab67-27bd42bf7cd7.html

    “Klinger will be moved to special projects at the UO, according to Kyle Henley, VP of University Communications in an email to the Emerald.”