They’d have to serve fentanyl before I’d watch Dana Altman coach a game

With basketball and event revenue running less than a third of Pat Kilkenny’s liars budget, the Ducks now want a liquor license for Knight Arena, because drunk football fans are just not enough:

But hey, maybe the OLCC will do a better job protecting free speech than UO’s General Counsel Kevin Reed.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip.

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5 Responses to They’d have to serve fentanyl before I’d watch Dana Altman coach a game

  1. notmymonkey says:

    Wait! Where does this application say it is for the Arena?
    Where is the date of this application?

    It appears you are assuming and implying this is recent and for the Arena, the Arena only?

    Posting the permit with just the commentary is extremely misleading and confusing.

    • uomatters says:

      Try putting the address into Yelp:

    • Rancid Pancho says:

      Bottom-right corner dates the version of the form to 10/2018, so the filled out form can’t be older than a few months. Matt Knight’s address is 1776 E 13th Ave, so it’s definitely for the arena; whether it’s going to be available for games (and not just third party events like concerts), though, is a separate question.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Ah, fentanyl. Maybe you should give it a try! (Of course, talk to your doctor, I would never counsel anything illegal.)

  3. Ben W says:

    Oregon has had beer at basketball games for years. This is nothing new.