4 Responses to Courageous President deals with budget crisis by cutting baseball, not staff

  1. Environmental necessity says:

    How do you imagine that in the current environment, so unlike that of 1981 in many, many ways, even if baseball was cut that those funds would find their way to the academic side? Not that you like the idea or that baseball is a huge money loser or general frustrations about priorities. How are you going to get Mullens and others to give the money to academics. All ears, because it seems like a great idea. How?

    • Fishwrapper says:

      Well, since athletics won’t suffer a cut per se, take the cost of the baseball program, and subtract that sum from the subsidies that flow from the academic side to the athletic ledger. At least it’s a start.

      But that’s probably too simple.

  2. Dreading The Future says:

    “PSaki: UO Budgeting Process is Misguided” article here: https://www.registerguard.com/opinion/20190502/psaki-uo-budgeting-process-is-misguided

    With that and the missive from Missy Matella below, why would any of the Unions on campus think that contract bargaining is being done in good faith?


    **Sent on behalf of Missy Matella**

    Dear HR Partner,

    Earlier today, I emailed university leadership to remind them that planned staffing reductions as part of the budget reduction process are due to HR by April 30. A copy of the information I shared is provided below to keep you informed about the process and assist you in your HR role.

    The months ahead of us will be challenging, but we will navigate it together. Please do not hesitate to contact Employee and Labor Relations should you need anything along the way.

    Please remember that our Employee Assistance Program, through Cascade Centers, is available for all benefit-eligible employees as an additional resource during it this period of uncertainty.

    Best regards,

    Missy Matella
    Senior Director, Employee and Labor Relations

    Email to vice presidents, chiefs of staff, deans, and vice provosts:

    Dear Colleagues,

    As budget process continues to unfold, I want to send a quick reminder that April 30 is the deadline for submitting any planned staffing reductions to HR for evaluation. There is no need to include vacant positions that will not be filled in your report to HR. Please submit your planned staffing reductions by email to [email protected]. Any employee reductions as part of this budget process will be coordinated by University Human Resources (HR) and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). Because many of you will also be considering expansions of duties, changes to positions descriptions and other types of pay actions, this email also includes guidance regarding those issues.

    Proposed Staffing Reductions Require Review and Must Be Submitted by April 30th to [email protected]
    HR, in coordination with the OGC, needs to carefully evaluate any plans for layoffs, reductions, reassignments, or reorganizations before they are communicated to impacted employees.

    · This review ensures equal treatment for all of our employees and that the proper processes are followed. Given that this review is required, do not communicate with impacted employees before HR provides you with approval.

    · Please remember that when we review your submissions, we will be looking at the underlying data as well as the criteria that you have used in determining how and why to make certain cuts or reductions.

    · Layoffs and reassignments will be reviewed by June 1st. Other associated pay actions and updates may require further review and consultation. Once approved, HR will provide each unit with guidance regarding how and when to notify impacted employees.

    Procedures for Layoffs, Reductions, Reassignments, and Other Position and Pay Actions
    Please remember that layoffs, reductions, reassignments, expansions of duties and other personnel or pay actions all require certain procedural steps and documents, in addition to the review-approval process. Information required by these processes, like OA layoff memorandums, must be included at the same time that you submit your plans with the list of impacted employees to HR.
    · For OAs, those steps are outlined in the OA separation procedures and relevant employee and labor relations guidance as well as talent acquisition guidance.
    · For SEIU employees, those processes are outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

    Note about NTTF: The FY19 NTTF non-renewal review process has been progressing on the timeline provided in prior guidance, which is available on the provost’s website. Approved NTTF non-renewals will be returned to deans by the end of this week. NTTF non-renewal and renewal notices are due to employees by May 1.

    Reorganizations That Involve Changes to Multiple Employees’ Positions
    If your staffing plan involves changes to multiple employees, Employee and Labor Relations and Talent Acquisition will likely be following up with you to discuss the reorganization and the documents that you submitted. Layoffs and reassignments will be reviewed by June 1st. Other related pay actions may require further review and consultation.

    Communications Reminder
    It is imperative that neither you nor the managers in your unit discuss specific staffing reduction plans with any employees. Please allow us to complete the process outlined above so that information accurately reflects the approved actions rather than plans under review.

    I fully appreciate and understand that you want to communicate with your employees quickly so that they have the opportunity to start looking for other employment opportunities. We are committed to working as fast as we can to review your proposal and provide you with approval. I’ve attached a copy of the timeline previously shared for completing the budget reduction process to guide expectations in the weeks ahead.

    The Employee and Labor Relations and Talent Acquisition Teams are here to support and collaborate with you. Please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources by [email protected] should you need anything throughout this difficult process.

    Best regards,
    Missy Matella
    Senior Director, Employee and Labor Relations

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