10 Responses to Replica of Nazi Flak Tower rises over Hayward Field

  1. Conservative duck says:

    That’s some fake-ass news right there!

    • Al Speer says:

      There is no comparison. The Vienna Flakturm is 54 meters tall. Your “replica” will be a mere 176 feet – when fully erect. It looks thinner too. Not that Mein Führer had a hang-up about size.

  2. It's classified says:


  3. A [redacted] says:

    Rumor down at the faculty club is that the flak tower will house Around the O after the Worlds.

  4. uomatters says:

    One of the faculty’s last surviving WWII veterans sends in this picture of a flak tower in action, firing at his wingman during a low level Mosquito raid over Dusseldorf:

    It missed.

  5. adopt a handle says:

    Excellent illustration of Godwin’s law. Thank you, professor.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope your shoulder isn’t too sprained after this reach