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GTFF not willing to accept real wage and benefit cuts, strike is likely

That’s the rumor from down at the faculty club. More soon.


  1. charlie 08/22/2019

    I heard over a third of all classes are taught by GTFs…

    • Anonymous 08/22/2019

      my department teaches about 35 courses per term

      none of them are taught by a GTF

      I guess we are just stoopid

      • Deplorable Duck 08/22/2019

        It’s all in how you do it. Bring dittos and have your students work them in class…

        • Dog 08/23/2019

          depends on when an impasse is declared and rules say
          essentially 30 days after a declared impasse and no impasses
          has been declared yet

          I suspect a GE strike will not occur, due to the timing rules,
          during the first week of classes.

          On the other hand, I suspect a GE strike will occur.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 08/22/2019

    Does anyone know when this strike is likely to begin?

    • Fishwrapper 08/22/2019

      Just about in time for first week of classes at…

  3. DuckFan312 08/22/2019

    This isn’t going to affect the home games, is it?

    • Fishwrapper 08/22/2019

      Last I looked, the Athletics department doesn’t pay any of the entertainers, so probably not.

      Plus, if they are like the Ath. Dept. on another campus I won’t name, a number of positions that would normally be Classified and thus represented by the union may have long ago been converted to Professional Faculty to avoid the pesky rules about paying overtime or other niceties that are covered in collective bargaining.

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