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UO Foundation’s Weinhold and Namyet getting 9% real annual raises

Budget Crisis? Not at UO’s very charitable foundation:

$453K Paul Weinhold $469K Jay Namyet

Back in 2015 the UO Foundation was paying Foundation CEO Paul Weinhold $345K and CIO Jay Namyet $340K. Three years later Weinhold is making $453K, and Namyet $469K.\

By my math that’s a 35% increase, or about 9% a year after inflation, and not bad compared to what UO’s administration is offering the GTFF union, or what the SEIU staff are likely to get.

From the IRS:

The data for 18-19 are due Nov 15th, but the Foundation typically delays releasing them for another 6 months.


  1. thedude 08/23/2019

    That’s the goal for the next union contract.

    • uomatters Post author | 08/23/2019

      Retroactive, of course.

  2. B. Madoff, FBP #61727-054 08/23/2019

    These men’s time is valuable, their compensation is within industry norms as determined by a compensation committee, and being paid for your work is still not a crime in this country – though I’ve found it can lead to some difficult questions from donors and the FBI.

  3. uomatters Post author | 08/23/2019

    Meanwhile, here’s the final offer on real salary cuts for SEIU staff, from university administrations. Thanks to a generally reliable source for the link, which goes into more detail:

    Management’s Proposal

    0% (Not a typo) COLA in 2019
    1% COLA March 1, 2020
    0.75% COLA November 1, 2020
    0.75% COLA March 1, 2021
    Year 1 – Regular full steps
    Year 2 – Delayed step increases for 6 months after salary eligibility date

    No new steps for workers who have topped out

    Despite a strong economy and increased funding, management is proposing small wage increases. In addition to wages, management continues to put forward proposals that will make the universities a worse place to work and learn.

    After workers reached an impasse following the latest round of mediated contract negotiations last Friday, management and workers had until today to submit final offers. Today begins a 30-day cooling period before the universities may implement their final offer and workers may go out on strike. The parties will continue to negotiate through the cooling off period and a potential strike until an agreement is reached.

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