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GTFF union declares impasse, on schedule for Oct/Nov strike

That’s the rumor, now confirmed. Impasse begins the ~30 day cooling-off period before they can strike. From what I can tell the administration’s intransigence on this is driven by a paternalistic belief that they know what’s best for the grad students – less health care – and a refusal to compensate them for that loss with sufficient pay increases. I’m no behavioral economist, but I think UO’s most cited professor had some advice about this scheme, along the lines of losses looming larger than gains.



  1. admincantwin 09/26/2019

    I don’t see how the administration can win these negotiations. They have no meaningful leverage–they’re not going to outlast the workers, given that students won’t tolerate having their courses cancelled mid-term. The faculty have even more leverage and should strike at the next opportunity. The endgame has to be that compensation goes up in lockstep with inflation (conditional on re-setting the baseline to the appropriate level at the outset).

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