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University to issue earplugs, tranquilizers to dorm residents

Just kidding. UO’s not even notifying the students that they can file public comments objecting to the plan  – to do concrete drilling outside their dorm rooms for the Hayward Field renovations, from 7PM to midnight through Jan 31. The Daily Emerald has the story here. Public notice was mailed only to residents and students living in private housing. UO plans to notify students *after* the city approves the noise variance.


  1. thedude 09/30/2019

    You write as if students are sleeping between 7pm to midnight. They aren’t.

    What would wake them up is 7am drilling (which is normally allowed under city law).

    • uomatters Post author | 09/30/2019

      Good point. A Pareto Optimal drilling schedule would extend until 2AM – closing time at Taylor’s – on Th-Sat nights.

  2. Thoughtless Partner 10/01/2019

    What’s the implication to budget overruns and the overall cost if they now need a night crew to finish on time?

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