14 Responses to Not getting any UO email messages? It’s because they changed servers again

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t respond to this because I no longer get emails from the UO instructing me on how to never respond to UOmatters …

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Has UO really sent emails instructing you not to respond to UOM?

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess you were not at the department heads meeting where
        this was once suggested …

        • JustAnotherBurntOutGradStudent says:

          I tried to unsubscribe from UOMatters once, and, boy, did they give me an earful.

          • uomatters says:

            The UOM unsubscribe procedure is simple: write your email address on a bottle of decent scotch and put it in campus mail, addressed to 534 PLC.

            • JustAnotherBurntOutGradStudent says:

              Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I meant AroundtheO. They certainly wouldn’t see reason, even in scotch form.

              • uomatters says:

                The UOM apology procedure is simple: write your email address on a bottle of decent scotch and put it in campus mail, addressed to 534 PLC.

              • uomatters says:

                Now that you mention it, I realize I’m no longer getting AtO spam. Apparently they unsubscribe you if you make fun of Kyle Henley for long enough. So I guess the deans must not be getting it either.

  2. heraclitus says:

    Web interface: https://mail.uoregon.edu/owa/
    Why bother updating your email program when it will just change again in 6 months?

  3. Geezer Duck says:

    The browser interface and speed on the uomail.uoregon.edu sucks, though it is marginally better than the interim outlook.uoregon.edu that I just got moved off of. The original and longtime webmail.uoregon.edu was not the greatest but it was much better than what is currently offered. UO E-mail services sure seems to be going downhill…. Before these changes, FWIW, I rated the old UO Webmail #1 and my off-campus E-mail provider #2. Now, my off-campus provider is #1 and UOMail is a distant #2…

  4. Nerd says:

    Apple Mail? Delete your exchange account. Add it back. Bingo

  5. The More You Know says:

    If you share calendars with someone who is still on the old Exchange email server (outlook.uoregon.edu), that will probably break when you get transferred to the new system. The two systems aren’t compatible for calendar sharing. (At least the last I heard and experienced from about 2 weeks ago.)

  6. Josh H. says:

    Useless instructions and documentation. More administrators must have been hired for this one. At least it won’t happen again for another 3 months. There is clearly a giant expanding spaghetti surveillance machine trying to suck us all in, suck money from the U., and make us all One. I saved my Apple mail by taking the risk of deleting the Exchange account–and then adding it back. Amazing how afraid I was of doing something wrong. It worked fine.