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Schill and Phillips come to their senses, cancel plan to cut GTFF health care

Last updated on 10/27/2019

Update 10/26: A bit more from reporter . Gina Scalpone in the ODE here:

The bargaining teams for University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation issued a joint statement Friday, according to the UO Human Resources website:

“We had the most productive meeting that we have ever had bargaining late into the evening. Both sides heard each other’s interest and the biggest point of difference, health insurance, has been tentatively resolved pending reaching agreement on a full package. The parties hope to complete work on the agreement when they meet again on Tuesday.”

The statement was released the same day the GTFF filed notice of its intent to strike.

10/25/2019: That’s the rumor from down at the faculty club, and with any luck it means the strike is off. We’ll know more on Tuesday. My best guess is that this will cost UO about half of what President Schill has to pay Rob Mullens to use the President’s Skybox at Autzen:


  1. Dog 10/27/2019

    Hooray For Schillips

    Keep up the great work

    Keep up with building all the new buildings and stadia while finding the time to feed our graduate students

    Outstanding …

  2. Hong Kong 10/28/2019

    Off topic but, what’s the deal with the UO and Hong Kong? Have campus protests been stifled because of all the money at stake?

  3. Jaded AF 10/28/2019

    Holy s***, why the f*** is the academic side paying $375,000 for admin to have a skybox?

    • Dog 10/28/2019

      because that’s the rule
      1 skybox = 15 GE 12 month stipends …

    • DTL 10/29/2019

      You’d THINK that admin could afford to pay their OWN skybox with their ridiculous salaries and the many add ons.

      Do they pay income taxes for benefits like skybox? Hmm?

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