Duck Women’s Basketball censors Soromundi Lesbian Chorus

There’s nothing like people singing “O’er the land of the Free and the home of the Brave” to bring out the fascism in big-time sports. The latest from the RG letters a few days ago:

On Dec. 21, University of Oregon women Duck fans were treated to a great game. Unfortunately, before the game, many fans were shocked and disappointed when the UO introduced the Soromundi Lesbian Chorus of Eugene as the Soromundi Singers. The lack of recognition for this fine chorus, that sang a remarkable rendition of our national anthem, was wrong.

The UO did a disservice to the chorus, lesbians and LGBTQIA friendly fans who support and deserve recognition and inclusion. At the very least an apology is owed.

On another note, missing from singing of the national anthem was the Kansas State team itself. This, too, was an unusual occurrence. I don’t know what the relationship between these two events is, however, it does make me wonder.

Debbie Hrycyk, Eugene

Presumably Duck AD Rob Mullens will now give their coach another raise, as he did for Dana Altman after this:

12/10/2014: Coach Dana Altman thinks National Anthem is the wrong time to protest racism

Our fool of a basketball coach thinks he owns those players. They shouldn’t protest when he’s trying to collect his $2M paycheck, off their free labor.

Fortunately we’ve still got people who can hear someone sing “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave” and actually understand what it means.

Want to ask the players what they think? No. Duck AD Rob Mullens and his PR flack Craig Pintens have a rule about players talking to reporters without permission, and “Benjamin and Bell have not been made available to comment.”

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2 Responses to Duck Women’s Basketball censors Soromundi Lesbian Chorus

  1. eugenenative says:

    I’ve never understood why every sports game has to be introduced with a public patriotism test.

  2. K Stater says:

    Has nothing to do with K State. We are an inclusive institution. I am a women’s basketball season ticket holder and cannot speak to why our team wasn’t there at the time. All I can say is K State is an inclusive institution and whatever may have occurred certainly had nothing to do with us.