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Faculty Club open Wed & Th

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club will be open this week during the usual hours, with gatherings on Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00.

Wednesday, we will feature the School of Architecture and Environment, the “placemakers” of the UO, with an inspiringly designed, solidly structured Six-o-Clock toast. If you’ve always thought that hanging out with designers would make you “cooler,” come join in!

And Thursday we celebrate the Sustainable Cities Initiative with a gathering of participating faculty and a Six-o-Clock toast from SCI co-director Marc Schlossberg. Come hear about this interdisciplinary academic-community partnership that has impacted municipalities from A(rizona) to Z(ambia).

Hope to see you, and any guests you’d like to bring, one or both nights.

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board

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