Isaacson Miller, who gave PSU Rahmat Shoureshi, to lead VPR search

The announcement from Provost Phillips on UO’s VPR search is here, with a list of the search committee members etc. It will be an open, national, affirmative action compliant search. Good news. But the search firm will be Isaacson Miller, who ran the PSU Presidential search that brought them Rahmat Shoureshi.

Shoureshi lasted 21 months at Portland State, before his lies and various scandals caught up with him, at which point their Board fired him and then paid him another $880K. Apparently Isaacson Miller is not very good at due diligence. I wonder if they repaid PSU their ~$200K fee?

At UO, they recently ran the searches that hired Sarah Nutter for LCB Dean, and Bob Guldberg as Knight Campus Director, and the sham open search that Gottfredson held before promoting Scott Coltrane from interim to regular Provost.

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