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UO Senate Agenda for Wed Jan 8

In other shared governance news the faculty union starts bargaining with the administration this Th, 12-3PM, also in the EMU Crater Lake room, also open to the public.

The Daily Emerald’s Jack Forrest has a story on the Senate here:

… Skowron also said she hopes the Senate will be able to pass a new set of guidelines for hiring academic administrators, like deans, by the end of winter term. These new guidelines would include stipulations that require search committees to be made up of majority faculty members. Some university faculty, like former Senate President Bill Harbaugh, have criticized university administrators for consolidating hiring decisions without faculty input. The absence of a deal for hiring new academic administrators between the senate and administration is problematic “both in terms of shared governance and affirmative action compliance,” Harbaugh said.

“We all think that coming to agreement on the basic parameters of such a policy is really feasible,” Skowron said. “We’ve had several meetings with the provost and president to hash out some of the particulars and are meeting with them again this month to hash out some of the other particulars.” …

Senate Meeting Agenda – January 8, 2020
Location: EMU 145 & 146 (Crater Lake rooms)
3:00 – 5:00 P.M.

3:00 P.M.   Call to Order

  • Introductory Remarks; Senate President Elizabeth Skowron
  • Land Acknowledgment; Sam Norgaard-Stroich

3:05 P.M.  Approval of the Minutes

3:10 P.M.   State of the University

  • President Schill
  • Bob Guldberg, VP and Exec Dir Knight Campus

3:40 P.M.   New Business

4:30 P.M.    Open Discussion
4:35 P.M.   Reports

  • Legislative Agenda; Hans Bernard (Asst VP for State Affairs) & Libby Batlan (Assoc VP State & Comm Affairs)

4:55 P.M.   Notice(s) of Motion
4:57 P.M.   Other Business
5:00 P.M.   Adjourn

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  1. UO CC 01/08/2020

    Any idea why the Huestis Hall reno is so expensive?

    I believe the Lewis Science Building cost essentially the same and it was a new build.

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