The Phildo takes final form

1/22/2020: Burly ironworkers add thick, pulsing veins to Duck’s “University Tower”

I thought the original egofice (left) was surprisingly small – some might even say under-endowed. Apparently someone with money was also underwhelmed, and the construction crew has been working double-shifts to add some girth, just in case anyone didn’t get the symbolism:

No news yet on the invite list for the topping-off ceremony, but I’m guessing it won’t include the UO students who are paying $2.37M to wire it up.

2/1/2020: I’d like to thank the anonymous reader who took this NSFW photo for not sending it to my work email:

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23 Responses to The Phildo takes final form

  1. zach says:

    architect guy (actually his brother) tells me it is phils skybox on upper floor of the tower

  2. Townie says:

    The architects made some alterations to the design. Now the stadium has a wide open drooping mouth

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now *that* is an accurate headline.

    In related news, it’s too bad they are putting skin on what was a pretty cool-looking whale skeleton.

  4. Three-Toed Sloth says:

    Quite a sheath on that thing.

  5. UOADMIN says:

    No really, we need to take away your healthcare. Something something buckets…. recession… maybe…?

  6. charlie says:

    Course they gotta make it bigger. Helicopters gotta land somewhere when they evacuate JH…

  7. Freudian says:

    Wow, Uncle Phil, that’s quite an erection.

  8. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    You guys are worse preverts than my nephews when they were young teenagers.

    You should have more respect for your Uncle Phil!

  9. Stevie P says:

    “Mom, why is that old guy in sunglasses sitting on top of a giant weiner and waving to everyone?”

  10. Townie says:

    I don’t want to be negative but that is not a good looking track stadium. You could probably get a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing facility for 1/2 the price.

    A new facility was needed, but Mr. Knight made a terrible decision. He should have stuck with the first architect. The turret probably costs more than a revamped East Grandstand.

    The new design would actually work well as a football stadium (minus the mouth on the north side).

  11. zach says:

    I suspect the outside of this will be covered with LED so that it will be like a large TV screen – digital signage…..I noticed the Eugene city council visited the digital signage issue recently but I have not yet checked in there to find out what the details of that discussion were.

    • Townie says:

      I believe it will be lit up at night but it won’t be a giant billboard. It will be more subtle. There’s a rendering somewhere online that shows the light cascading like a water fall. I looks pretty cool. actually.

      I believe it is a nicer looking building than the Knight Campus. Unfortunately, I still think it too big.

  12. office lurker says:

    I don’t understand why they put the Dick Tracy silhouette on top of the new track stadium???

  13. zach says:

    That shape on the top is a tribute to “the hat”

  14. canthelpmyself says:

    Make sure to put a helmet on your soldier, soldier

  15. Canard says:

    Phildo for the win.

    • uomatters says:

      Rumor has it that a certain donor will be able to control the Phildo’s LED lighting system 24/7, from a special phone app.

  16. Townie says:

    Phil’s Thrill?

  17. uomatters says:

    I’m shocked to see the Eugene Weekly print this sort of filth:

    We asked for suggestions and you gave them. Turns out that once you look at the new Hayward tower and think “Hey, does that look like a giant dick?” you just can’t unsee it. Our top choices are: The Phildo, Phil’s Phallus (or alternately, Phil’s Phallus Palace) and The Nike Shaft. …

    Rumor has it the architects at call it The Phildo, when the client’s out of the room.