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Every morning I try, Lord how I try, not to backslide

into the simplistic libertarianism of my youth. Some days are harder than others.

Today Nigel Jaquiss and Rachel Monahan reported in Willamette Week that the State of Oregon is losing money on its new sports lottery. How the hell do you lose money running a sports book? And if you did, who the hell would trust you to run a carbon cap-and-trade scheme?

Oregon Lottery Director Barry Pack will present some unwelcome news at the Lottery Commission’s monthly meeting on Feb. 28. Scoreboard, the agency’s new mobile sports betting app, will lose money for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

“Lottery will have a loss of $5.3 [million] from the program for the first nine months of FY ’20,” Pack said in a memo prepared for that meeting.

Prior to launching Scoreboard last October, lottery officials presented lawmakers with projections showing the agency expected sports to be profitable in its first year—making $6.3 million—and pick up speed after that. …


  1. Anas clypeata 02/26/2020

    Wow. This is the first time in all of my years as a public employee that I have seen rosy financial projections turn out to be less than accurate. Mark this date on your calendar!

  2. Old Gray Mare 02/26/2020

    And to think they tore down Portland Meadows last week.

  3. Jenna Haze 02/26/2020

    Liberals showing their intelligence. Shoulda just hired Chili Palmer to run the book.

    • uomatters Post author | 02/26/2020

      Mr. Palmer is well respected among economists, and others, for his understanding of markets and incentives. His endorsement of Gov Brown’s cap and trade proposal would go a long ways towards ensuring its passage.

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