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PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL property of the University of Oregon Foundation

General Washington famously refused to accept a salary from the Continental Congress for his service. It’s less well known that he meticulously submitted every conceivable expense for reimbursement. While his war-time records are public, the UO Foundation claims that theirs are subject to a higher degree of privilege:


  1. Dog 02/25/2020

    Further proof of the incredible nickle and dime attitude around this place. Who cares about 79 cents – what does 79 cents buy you
    any way, not even a single Taco.

    Your readers will bail you out bill, when the foundation wants you arrested over 79 cents – hell will bring tacos ….

    • NACHO NACHO MAN 02/25/2020

      Jack In The Box will give you TWO tacos for $0.99.

      • uomatters Post author | 02/26/2020

        Thanks, that will sure save money next time I take a job candidate to dinner.

    • uomatters Post author | 02/25/2020

      I love you Dog, but “hell will bring tacos” is a threat, not a promise.

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