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Why former CAS Dean Andrew Marcus has joined the faculty union

Marcus resigned from the UO Administration as CAS Dean, effective Jan 2019, after disagreements with President Schill on matters of principle. Now he’s joined the Faculty Union:

Dear […]

I want to let you know that I have just joined the ranks of United Academics as a dues paying member. My decision to join the union is driven by the even deeper plunge of UO’s central administration into centralized decision making, all at the expense of rational consultation and input from thoughtful contributors ranging from deans to staff to faculty. It was the dramatic centralization and loss of input from deans and faculty that ultimately led to my resignation as dean. It is dismaying that this trend has proceeded even further without regard for the individuals whose lives are most affected by the decisions. For example, I believe there are many alternative ways to address budget deficits that do not require across the board salary reductions for those who actually do the work of the university. But these alternative approaches would harm our President’s vision for the university, and that is apparently the only vision that counts, no matter whose backs it is built on.

Unfortunately, my membership will be short-lived as I will become department head as of June 16. But I want to provide a tangible, if short–lived, gesture of my support for United Academics in this challenging moment for our university and our faculty.

Feel free to share this note with others.

With respect,

W. Andrew Marcus
Professor of Geography
University of Oregon

You too can join, at


  1. marmot 05/07/2020

    UOMatters, perhaps this would be the time to expand beyond “thumbs up/down” and make a fire emoji available to your readers.

  2. Anas clypeata 05/07/2020

    “I believe there are many alternative ways to address budget deficits that do not require across the board salary reductions for those who actually do the work of the university.”

    I think that is what the kids call a “sick burn”.

  3. Bioengineered Duck 05/07/2020

    And what is that vision of Pres Schill? Please say more. Does it include the erosion of Arts and Sciences to boost a major donor’s under-funded mandate? Redirecting resources from the legacy campus to the phantasmagorical campus?

  4. Not a fan 05/08/2020

    Dean Marcus didn’t use to be so faculty friendly.

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    • Not a Fan or a Geographer 05/13/2020

      differential erosion over millions of years eventually separates some land masses by water; UO Matters Knows All

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