Half-priced Provost needs a tow.

I drove down to the Glenwood Transfer Station this afternoon to recycle some of my collection of UO Archives. Berdahl & Coltrane stuff – who cares about them now.

Couldn’t restart the Caballero. A helpful mechanic guy who was dropping off a large load of beer cans tried to help me get it going. Gas, compression, but no spark. So I called the tow truck.

A helpful recycling lady – with mask – brought me a cup of water while I waited. “It’s so hot out here, we wanted to make sure you’re OK.”

The guy from Eugene Towing told me he’d done this 5,000 times and not to worry, but this was the first Caballero. “You got that new?”

The rest is up to Joe’s Garage.

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4 Responses to Half-priced Provost needs a tow.

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Ah, Joe’s garage. Who is running it now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    joe’s garage is the best. nicely done.

  3. Jim Carmin says:

    That’s a handsome car, I hope it returns to health easily and w/o too much $$.

    • uomatters says:

      Thanks – $444 to diagnose and replace a toasted coil and ignition model. 24 hour turn-around, running great now.

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