StratComm VP Kyle Henley leaving UO for USC

From Pres Schill’s letter:

“He brought our branding and marketing efforts back in house.”

That he did. As for

During his tenure, communications helped to increase transparency and understanding of the university’s priorities and efforts through the creation of the platforms focused on tuition setting, student success, Title IX, budget and finance, equity and inclusion, economic impact, faculty hiring, workplace communications, and more. He leveraged our reputation as an athletic powerhouse and host of global competitions to highlight our strengths in academics, research, student experience, and our bucolic location. In short, Kyle and his team have been instrumental in helping us articulate and highlight our impact and success as an outstanding modern public research university.

I’m looking forward to similar letters from our President lauding the minority faculty who have left over the past year, or are leaving this year.

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2 Responses to StratComm VP Kyle Henley leaving UO for USC

  1. Canard says:

    In the immortal words of Winston Wolfe:

  2. Dog says:

    In the current world, one seems to have only mattered when one departs …