NCAA lawyer Will Stute blames Doug Brenner for not convincing Pres Schill to change the system

And apparently the jurors bought it, letting the cartel off. UO had already paid Brenner $500K. I haven’t been following the case, so I don’t know if former UO Journalism Dean Tim Gleason admitted that his supervision as “Faculty” Athletic Representative was deficient, or was exactly what AD Rob Mullens expected of him.

Stute’s argument, from the Oregonian’s James Crepea:

Stute’s hour-long closing argument veered from absolving the NCAA of blame or liability because of its legislative process and legal structure, to saying that because the risk of death from exertional rhabdomyolysis is minimal when not related to sickle cell or heatstroke that its issuing of guidelines more than 10 years ago was sufficient. Stute also pointed at Brenner because he “didn’t do anything to try to change the legislative process at the NCAA” as one of UO’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representatives while in college.

“He didn’t go to the Oregon president and say, ‘You know, I was injured in this rhabdo incident and I’d really like you to change the legislative, we’d like to propose legislation, can I talk to you about that?’” Stute said. “Or do anything through SAAC, which has members in the position to propose legislation directly — they can’t do it themselves, but they’re involved in that process.”

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