Trustees show they love Pres Schill, but not faculty or staff

Our Board of Trustees once again indulges the urge to show how happy they are with themselves for hiring President Schill by giving him another series of large raises, bonuses, and extra retirement contributions, paid for with other people’s money:

To be rubber-stamped by the board after the usual happy-talk, at its May 19th-20th meetings.

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31 Responses to Trustees show they love Pres Schill, but not faculty or staff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the additional $14,000 Car Allowance Stipend. To make ends meet. And for fun, let’s imagine that money coming from the tuition of, for instance, a first generation college student from Roseburg. Grants Pass? The Dalles!

    • topped out classified, no money for us says:

      And other money? Where does he live? Who pays his utilities? Phone service? How about family going to games? And on and on.

  2. Fishwrapper says:

    In the immortal words and music of the Gershwins, “Nice work if you can get it…”

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    As the real UO seems steadily to deteriorate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If my math is correct: 5.7%, 2.3%, 3%, 3%, 3% ADD to all that, $200,000 for four years and $300,000 the fifth year PLUS $250,000 “retention bonus” for Dec. 2023, PLUS some unquoted amount of $ for “retention bonus” for Dec 2025. I’ll assume $250,000 “retention bonus” for Dec. 2026.

  5. Anonymous says:

    (oops, posted before finished).

  6. Fun with spreadsheets says:

    Pulling up an Excel spreadsheet……

    Increases per year:
    2022: 5.7% $42,000
    2023: 2.3% $18,000
    2024: 3.0% $24,000
    2025: 3.0% $25,000
    2026: 3.0% $25,000

    “Retention Bonuses”:
    2023: $250,000
    2026: $250,000 (not given, sure to be at least this)

    Supplemental Retirement:
    2022: $200,000
    2022: $200,000
    2022: $200,000
    2022: $200,000
    2022: $300,000

    Total Compensation for 5 years: $5,719,000

    Add in the $14,000 car allowance and all the other bills that the university pays for him, never mind super fun expensive stuff like paying for him and his family for attending games (is this still a thing?) and etc.

    Compare that to the $15/hour that classified have fought for so long that it should be $24/hour now:

    5 years @ $15/hour = $156,000
    5 years Schill: = $5,719,000

    The $15/hour worker makes ** 2.7% ** over five years what Schill makes. And has to pay their OWN dang bills and no car allowance.*

    COLA for classified pathetic by comparison.

    If only admin wages were calculated the same way Costco managers (and CEO) wages are based…

    *Granted, $15/hour might go up some pitiful amount but not particularly much, certainly less than $0.30/hour per year, less than $800/year.

    • Compulsory Pessimist says:


      Why you gotta rub our faces in it, FwS?

      (Thanks though for real – it’s good to have the math laid out.)

    • ***illions says:

      Comment deleted for violating the no making fun of people’s names policy. The UOM Editor, Bill “Hard Balls” Harbaugh

  7. thedude says:

    Look his raises are actually reasonable percentage wise compared to what our union typically gets us.

    Now, union. Why can’t we see a raise that’s about 25 percent of our annual income as a retention bonus every 5-6 years like Schill gets?

    • If only we had all the data to have fun with excel says:

      My point is — his percentage each year is far better than classified staff. And, further, the actual dollars are huge compared to working class people at UO. And, on top of that, there is the supplemental retirement bucks, and all the other bucks he gets in car stipend and the long list of other stipends and general bills covered by the university.

      Faculty and classified don’t have these spectacular extras — unless you are a faculty/admin person.

    • Fun with spreadsheets says:

      Yeah. So, how is it okay for the top brass to get “reasonable” COLA and faculty and, especially, classified do not? Sure, faculty suffer.
      Classified staff are financially maimed – grovel to get a pittance.

      • just different says:

        And many GE salaries are the same dollar amount they were five or even ten years ago. Something’s wrong with this picture.

    • Powerball says:

      Easy. The union never talks about the possibility of withholding its labor.

      • SEIU member says:

        Which union? UA? SEIU prepares to walk out (and when we do, certain UO bargainer claims we aren’t bargaining in good faith because we do prepare, just in case UO doesn’t bargain in good faith…)

    • Dog says:

      Since 2015, the union raises have been less than the west coast
      inflation rate – that has been well documented in this forum before.

      • Environmental necessity says:

        Wonder how faculty in comparable institutions with zero state funding to speak of are doing without unions; that is the relevant comparison, far more so than more unmoored bellyaching about our union. At Oregon, without a union, maybe 10% of people would have been able to negotiate higher raises, negotiating in isolation. The remaining 90% (or whatever large share) would likely have done worse in raises without the union. And that concedes that salary is the only issue anyone should care about. The facile union-bashing by some on this site is ridiculous and ill-informed.

        • Fun with spreadsheets says:

          What you said!

          • ODA says:

            Does anyone have a spreadsheet of Across the Board & COLA raises per year pre and post Union and OUS? That may be interesting.

        • thedude says:

          I’m pretty sure people working at univs with 0 state funding still got raises even without retention.

          See boulder, UVA, michigan, etc.

          Maybe our new union professor who teaches game theory we’ll negotiate harder than others have in the past.

          • Dog says:

            Recent data on state appropriations per student FTE can be
            found here:


            1. Oregon is not as bad in comparison as everyone thinks

            2. Arizona is worse than Oregon. I have several colleagues at
            both UA and ASU and know that their annual raises have been
            higher than at the UO.

            • CSN says:

              One of the issues facing UO is that faculty are paying into the PEBB insurance pool, which is one of the more expensive pools for state employees in the country.

            • CSN says:

              Also, did you click “four-year” on that graph? Oregon is 5th from the bottom. Only New Hampshire, Vermont, Arizona, and Colorado are lower. Oregon is at 59% of the U.S. average.

              On top of that, the funding formula means that UO gets less than the state average per FTE.

  8. bojack says:

    Who does he think he is, an assistant football coach?

  9. Glad I’m not a student paying for that crap says:

    I hope our students are happy their tuition pays for the university president getting well over $1million/year.

  10. ODA says:

    How much of this is predicated on logic like: “Sure but, how much does it cost us to run a closed search and how much more if we end up with a President from that closed search like OSU, PSU, and other so many other bad hires”?

    • Dog says:

      “predicated by logic” is banned by the thought police at the UO.
      Don’t try to engage in it …

  11. Truth says:

    None of them have ever been a university president so why hire them. No experience. No professional relationships. Lien hiring the Janitor to manage the company.

  12. Townie says:

    According to the BoT packet, UO raised $920.3m for sports during the capital campaign (~10 yrs total).

    (pg 101,

    I often joke that 1/3 of the money they raise goes towards athletics, but I was somewhat surprised 28% of the $3.24B raised went to athletics.

    Does anyone know where all the money went? Surely, only half went towards facilities. Maybe a good portion went to the Duck Legacy Fund too?

    • Townie says:

      Final post of the night: I believe Philip Knight’s legacy has hurt UO more than it has helped it. UO could have survived on its other donors. I would suspect that at least $1.5b has gone to athletics since 1992. The real number might be close to $2b (even if it hasn’t all arrived yet). What effect has this had on the recruitment and retention of top-flight students and faculty?

  13. Townie says:

    Board of Trustees packet

    Race mentioned 7x,
    Racial mentioned 15x,
    Equity mentioned 70x,
    Diversity mentioned 33x,
    Diverse mentioned 22x,
    Inclusion mentioned 27x,
    Inclusive mentioned 19x,
    Inclusivity mentioned 3x,

    Afford mentioned 1x,