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VP Roger Thompson brings in record breaking enrollment

Where will Int Pres Philips spend all this tuition money? From Around the 0:

The University of Oregon is welcoming the largest number of incoming students in its history and an exceptional freshman class of diverse, talented and high-achieving Ducks.

According to preliminary data, 5,338 new freshman students attended the UO on the first day of classes, which represents a growth of 16 percent compared to last year and a 36 percent increase in our freshman class over the past five years.

“I am extremely proud of our team, which has just accomplished something we have never done before, the largest freshman class ever in the history of the University of Oregon,” said Roger J. Thompson, vice president for student services and enrollment management. “It is exciting to see such high demand for an exceptional education at the University of Oregon. We have incredible momentum and an upward trajectory of students who are interested in the university, as we continue to demonstrate we are a premier destination for students around the state, nation and world.”

Incoming Ducks broke records for representation, academic achievements and more:

  • Average high school GPA: 3.76
  • Freshman students from a diverse race or ethnicity: 36 percent
  • Transfer students: 1,012
  • New undergraduate students: 6,350

“These record entering-class enrollments are a direct result of the incredible work of so many in our organization, and across our campus community,” Thompson said. “Our faculty and staff have gone above and beyond to assist with events, activities and IntroDUCKtion sessions to ensure we are delivering the full UO experience. I am deeply appreciative of everyone’s efforts and the continued support of our university colleagues.”

Read more about the Class of 2026


  1. Anas clypeata 09/28/2022

    Beware of Roger Thompson’s evidence-free assertion that high GPAs mean that these incoming students are the “Most academically prepared” of any cohort in UO history. Any high school teacher, guidance counselor, administrator, or student will tell you that the only requirements to receive an A grade in most classes during the past two pandemic years were regular participation and handing in most of the assignments. An A in high school is not the achievement that you remember, or even that college seniors remember.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 09/28/2022

    And don’t forget about UO dropping the SAT. And don’t forget about grade inflation at UO.

  3. ODA 09/29/2022

    I tend to wonder whats up when somebody takes a victory lap before the game ends. I think it is standard to look at enrollment at fourth week or perhaps second week at the earliest. Two days in? Are those all full time freshmen? And did the transfer students, like the freshmen all attend a class the first three days? Do we even take attendance; how do we know they attended? And what about new international students and Oregonians, do we have more or less?
    (seems a little premature).

    In any case I am sure that the enrollment has more to do with the state of the economy and coming out of the uncertainty of the pandemic years. I too heard about a lot of pass grades and A’s given out over the past 2 years and GPAs being a mess (even affecting grad recruitment). I heard also that foreign students have not been showing up some places so if they did indeed recruit more Oregonians (more likely Californians) then Kudos… Although, I bet someone in athletics will also take credit…. As will the Knight Campus…. etc.

    • thedude 09/29/2022

      They wait until they pay some amount of tuition, which is basically the 2nd week of school.

  4. Vinnie McFinch 09/29/2022

    But it also depends on what high school you attend. As of a few years ago, UO’s admissions office made no attempt to adjust the GPA to account for high schools that still maintain standards. All strong universities do this.

    • Heraclitus 10/02/2022

      Think about how that affects genuinely high achieving students who go to schools that do not maintain standards (i.e most of the public ones, because K-12 is in crisis). But you’re talking like UO is a selective college. How many people get rejected? That’s the figure I’d like to hear.

  5. thedude 09/29/2022

    THere’s been a bit of grade inflation everywhere the last couple of years.

    But glad to hear enrollment has rebounded. Guess this motivated him in getting our 7 percent wage cuts 3 months earlier than usual.

  6. Environmental Necessity 09/29/2022

    There are things (many things) at our university that merit critique and improvement, and I suppose that is true of admissions as well, but, dang, there is some relentless and misplaced negativity happening here.

    Some universities are closing shop or cutting programs or suffering declining enrollment. Thank goodness we aren’t, and Enrollment Management has to be part of the reason, right?

    This is good news! More students want to come to Oregon. More students are coming to Oregon.

    Now, let’s talk about how we spend that tuition money…

  7. Not holding my breath. 09/30/2022

    Of course they’re going to hire adequate staff to support everything and pay us fairly, right? … right?

    • uomatters Post author | 09/30/2022

      I hate to break it to you, but when they say “Go Ducks” they mean “Sorry but you have to take one for the team”

      • Anas clypeata 10/01/2022

        They said “Go Ducks”, so I went.

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