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Admin now using Concur to keep tabs on your teaching

From this morning’s email:

Just a friendly reminder: When filling out a travel request in Concur, if you’re traveling anytime between Sept 16 – June 15, the answer to the question “Will you be absent any term other than summer?” is YES.

When you answer yes to this, you must provide information in the “Coverage Plan” field. Examples include:

  • Missing one class and office hours. Both being covered by XXXXX. Will be available by Zoom/Teams if needed.
  • Not missing any classes. Will be available by email and phone if needed for other duties.

The good news is you only need to fill this out if you’ve opted out of the microchip implant program.


  1. honest Uncle Gangsta 12/05/2022

    ah yes more spyware to make people even more enthusiastic.

  2. Anas clypeata 12/05/2022

    I haven’t logged in to check: is there a button to upload a permission slip signed by your parent or guardian?

    • uomatters Post author | 12/05/2022

      Sort of funny that this comes just after the Admin announced faculty are no longer allowed to ask our students why they skipped class. Ha Ha Ha.

      • honest Uncle Gangsta 12/05/2022

        ha ha ha yes. And they also just made it harder to give an incomplete. I guess the proper response is: no incompletes, no late exams. And more grade inflation to keep the students happy. Or should I say the “administrators”? Well, in fairness, part of this came from the faculty. Thanks a lot!

        • anon and on and on 12/06/2022

          We have students who had immediate family members die and have to travel, and can’t actually fill out a contract, but need incompletes for a few weeks. We can’t give them. Nope, it’s an F. Maybe it’ll be an A, out of sheer defiance. Not that we’re allowed to ask why they can’t fill out the contract, of course.

          By the way, the incomplete policy (just like the attendance policy) came via the UO Senate, not from the Provost or the President. This is an own-goal, as much as we’d like to blame heavy-handed administrators for it.

          • CSN 12/10/2022

            Is this really binding? There doesn’t seem to be anything in Duckweb stopping IORs from giving incompletes…

    • Mike 12/05/2022

      Just provide Special dispensation by the Pope

      • uomatters Post author | 12/05/2022

        Perhaps General Counsel Kevin Reed can chime in, but I’m not sure the First Amendment allows a government institution to reimburse you for the purchase of indulgences – no matter how badly they might be needed.

        • just different 12/06/2022

          Hey, anything goes with this SC as long as you say it’s a sincerely held religious belief.

  3. Townie (random post) 12/12/2022

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    -U. California, Berkeley: 5166

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    -U. Washington: 2269

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    -U. Arizona: 1829

    -U. Colorado Boulder: 1638

    -Arizona State U: 1587

    -U. Utah: 1094

    -U. Southern California: 986

    -Oregon State U: 817

    -U. Oregon: 782

    -Washington State U: 682

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    -Brigham Young U: 2949

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    -Oberlin C: 884

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    Survey of Earned Doctorates

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