Confusingly named university goes union

Dear William,

I’m writing with some great news! More than eight hundred faculty members at Miami University in Ohio officially have a union today after an overwhelming majority of faculty cast ballots in favor of forming a new unionized chapter of the AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers. 

As a longtime AAUP union member and an Ohioan myself, I couldn’t be prouder of and more thrilled for the members of our newest chapter, which includes tenured and tenure-track faculty members and longer-term contract faculty including teaching professors, clinical faculty, and lecturers. 

The Faculty Alliance of Miami spent more than a year organizing for the union election, assisted by terrific staff organizers from the AAUP and the AFT. The victory means that faculty voices will be heard as they work to improve working conditions and student learning conditions through collective bargaining. 

The win also highlights the success of the AAUP’s affiliation with the AFT, which took effect last fall. We are stronger together as we fight to protect academic freedom and create a more just university for all.

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In solidarity,

Paul Davis
AAUP Vice President

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2 Responses to Confusingly named university goes union

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Maybe the white people are confused. The midwestern Miami people mostly got forced into Oklahoma, where they are a federally recognized tribe. The “Miami” in Florida distinct Read here, below. Yes, numerous strange things in Ohio: Cleveland. Ohio U. Miami U.

    • UO Matters says:

      I almost stopped reading when I got to “On January 10, 1926, the Prinz Valdemar, an old Danish warship on its way to becoming a floating hotel, ran aground and blocked Miami Harbor for nearly a month.” But then the hurricane struck.