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What did Tim Inman tell President Scholz, and when did he tell it?

Back when I was naive and optimistic I once told Pres Lariviere that I thought people in Johnson Hall were just telling him what they thought he wanted to hear. He looked at me with a blank face and said “Gee Bill, you think?”.

So let’s find out what Tim Inman has told President Scholz:

From: WTH <[email protected]>

Subject: Public Records request, Presidential transition briefing docs

Date: May 22, 2023 at 5:40:28 PM PDT

To: Lisa Thornton <[email protected]>

Cc: Tim Inman <[email protected]>

Dear Ms Thornton – 

This is a public records request for copies of all briefing materials prepared by the OtP or President’s Office and provided to Incoming President Scholz as part of his presidential transition. 

I ask for a fee waiver on the basis of public interest. I am ccing Tim Inman, as he should have these documents readily at hand and be able to provide them without your office’s usual fees and deliberate delays. 


Bill Harbaugh
Econ Prof, U of Oregon

Typically General Counsel Kevin Reed delays responding to these requests for the max 21 days, presumably because I outed him over his fireman bio. We’ll see if Inman plays along with him.

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