Ingrate Beach Volleyball players want to take the bread from the mouths of AD Rob Mullens’s wife and kids

I blame UO’s left wing faculty for indoctrinating these Duck student-athletes with the belief that they have the right to any part of the money that AD Mullens and his coaches have earned with their own toil and sweat (and some very successful lobbying by the NCAA hiring cartel, to make sure Mullens doesn’t even have to share with the football players who pay his million dollar salary).

James Crepea has the story in the Oregonian – thanks to several readers for the link:

Oregon Ducks beach volleyball players detail disparate treatment that experts say could violate Title IX

The team practices and plays home games in a city park. The players, who do not receive athletic scholarships, have had to use a public restroom with no doors on the stalls.

At times, they’ve driven hundreds of miles for games and stayed three or four to a room and had to share beds.

This isn’t a ragtag club sport but rather the varsity women’s beach volleyball team for the Oregon Ducks, in an athletic department with more than $153 million in annual revenue and some of the best sports facilities in the country.

The Oregonian/OregonLive interviewed more than a dozen former players and coaches, reviewed thousands of pages of public records and contacted experts in Title IX, the federal law that requires women and men be provided equitable opportunities to participate in sports. According to legal experts, Oregon’s treatment of the team puts it perilously close, if not over the line, into violation of Title IX.

The Oregonian/OregonLive found issues related to at least five of nine areas in which equal treatment is required: athletic scholarship funding; locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities; travel and daily allowances; equipment and supplies; and recruiting.

“If the women’s beach volleyball team is being treated that much worse than all the other athletes, male and female, then, unless there is a proportionate number of male athletes being treated horribly, the school is likely in violation of Title IX. Period,” said Arthur H. Bryant of Bailey & Glasser, LLP, one of the country’s leading attorneys specializing in Title IX. …

That’s one hell of an unless.

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6 Responses to Ingrate Beach Volleyball players want to take the bread from the mouths of AD Rob Mullens’s wife and kids

  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    I feel for the volleyball players, I really do. But lately I’m more concerned with other “features” of campus life. The invaluable UO alerts are a great help. Last week, armed robbergy in the south campus area. This morning, a couple of stabbings on Broadway near campus. I hope Eugene isn’t becoming stab city! Really, things seem to be going downhill. Look at all the visual vandalism. The property crime, theft. It’s starting to seem like it’s on the way to becoming a slum. Without even thinking about the homelessness. I talked to a woman in my neighborhood who will no longer go to Skinner Butte Park. Homicide is low but I dread to think about what sexual assault stats might be like. I’ve heard from female students that it’s not especially safe here. And don’t get me going about the ubiquitous pot stores. Yes, I know, to many, that’s a feature, not a bug. I’ll have to join one of the campus tours and ask about that and see what the parents’ reaction is!

    • Fishwrapper says:

      It’s starting to seem like it’s on the way to becoming a slum. Without even thinking about the homelessness.

      In the context of the VB story, an apt metaphor…

    • UO Matters says:

      Perhaps our leaders can find some PR flacks who can write more reassuring messages than “UO Alert Eugene: The stabbing incidents are all clear.”

      • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

        Finding such talent will be mighty costly, if it is possible at all. Even with UO’s very deep pool of administrative talent!

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Not unrelated to this UOM post: a bombshell study from Harvard about Harvard et al. Really an advantage to go to an “Ivy Plus” U ? Much, much, to ponder. The NYT article is an effort such as only they can muster, like them or not. Links to original source and also summary invaluable. I question their conclusions drawn from “waitlist” students. But dunno.

  3. moss defender says:

    hmmm well I am still wondering about what happened to Chip Kellys Mcmansion with the basketball court in the living room….is it a crack house now….perhaps a air b and b for jocks ? please advise
    Also why is the shot put area being torn all apart at Hayward ? Were the recent infrastructure capacity projects there defective ? Will the same contractors be fixing it now ?