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No one at UO gives a shit about Intercollegiate Track and Field, so Hayward tickets are now free:

Last updated on 07/10/2023

Free tickets to the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships!

TrackTown USA is offering University of Oregon faculty, staff, and students 2 free tickets to the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships on Saturday, July 8th at Hayward Field.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $10 ($40 face value). Come seethe best athletes in the world compete including UO alumni Cooper Teare and Cole Hocker who are competing to make the US team in the men’s 1500 meters. Claim your tickets here.

Keith Frazee, PhD | Interim Vice President
University of Oregon | University Communications
Ford Alumni Center, Suite 209 | 1720 E 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403
[email protected] |


  1. Elon 07/05/2023

    Hey I’d like to spam everyone at your university about my cheap electric cars – how do I get permission?

    • Mike 07/12/2023

      Thanks, but no thanks, Frohnmeyer

  2. uomatters 07/05/2023

    Hi Keith,

    When I was Senate President, the central admininstration and the VP for Commmunication in particular made it very difficult for me to send emails about important shared governance issues to the faculty, much less the entire university.

    I’m happy to see that you’ve relaxed that policy, although perhaps only for the purposes of spamming us all about track meets tickets?

    Please send me a copy of the new policy that allows you to do this.


    Bill Harbaugh

  3. honest Uncle Bernie 07/06/2023

    Nice writeup about Esteemed Colleague Brother Harbaugh in Chronicle. He is too modest to mention it here I’m sure.

  4. notrackforthisduck 07/08/2023

    Perhaps they’re gone but today the link isn’t working – no free tickets available. Interesting that I did not get an email about this offer (checked all folders, including junk mail). Curious how you found it and why it was not publicized to staff via email.

    I would share a screenshot of the link page – which looks legit but no tickets available – but can’t seem to include a screenshot in my comment.

    • UO Matters Post author | 07/08/2023

      OK, I was wrong, at least one person gives a shit.

      • honest Uncle Gangsta 07/08/2023

        I guess they are all off to the Bach festival instead.

  5. Anonymous 07/10/2023

    On behalf of UO club running, we give a lot of shits. You’re an absolute jackass for this title and should perhaps get off the couch and consider running.

    • UO Matters Post author | 07/10/2023

      My apologies. I’ve edited the title to say “No one at UO gives a shit about *Intercollegiate* Track and Field …”.

      • Spec-'tater 07/11/2023

        The track meet last weekend was not an intercollegiate meet. It was the US Track & Field championships. The majority of athletes, I believe, were beyond their college years.

  6. Thedude 07/12/2023

    At least I get to Airbnb my house during track tournaments. Beats the wage cuts my employer is giving me.

    • UO Matters Post author | 07/12/2023

      Any truth to the rumor that Johnson Hall is going to start a faculty AirBnB rental program in lieu of COLA raises?

      • thedude 07/13/2023

        What if they starting Airbnbing the pres’s house or tree tops to fund more salary increases?

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